Metadata Management Tools

Metadata Management Tools

This chapter provides the details on Metadata Management tools, in terms of architecture, accesses & sharing, project support and Administration. Please refer the section of Generic Vendor-Tool Evaluation\n to complete the picture.

Topics in Metadata Management Tools : -

Metadata Tool Architecture Features

Metadata tool should be able to support different Metadata architecture at logical and physical level. Having a web-enabled architecture (and not only a web front-end is must). Having technical partnership with various source system tools and other metadata repository tools helps.

Metadata Tool administration Security

A good metadata tool has open framework, whereby it has plug-in which can be used to do administration and management. The administration and management includes change management, logical configuration, physical configuration, user authorization and security.

Metadata Tool Change Management

A Metadata tool should provide adequate support for metadata projects, change management, metadata models and ease of use.

Metadata Repository sharing

Being able to exchange metadata and provide seamless access is the most important feature of a metadata repository tool. The biggest hurdle so far in evolution of metadata market is limitation of the diverse tools and technologies to link-up with each-other.