Universal Capabilities
Execution-MiH EDGE is an unmatched platform, which provides an organization with a capacity to significantly boost the field/front-end effectiveness. It is the first-ever platform to provide an integrated solution to enable an organization to manage ANY aspect of its field/front-end functions (Sales, HR, Service, Logistics, CRM, Marketing..). In other words, Execution-MiH EDGE brings to reality the critical needs for organization to have ONE single field-system solution. EDGE has the widest range of capabilities, which can be flexibly assembled to meet the specific needs of clients. For the Clients who have already invested into a front-end solution, can utilize our economic proposition to migrate to EDGE platform or can integrate select modules with your existing systems. Please scroll down to look at the comprehensive list of modules & capabilities, with summary features


Robust Security & Role-Based Access

CRM4SURE platform provides one of the most comprehensive and secure access matrix. Not only one can have an user role based access to specific menu options and forms, one can also manage the access to data based on entity categories (a user X can see only corporate customers) or the operations which you can do within a given form (For example, one can update the status of a task but cannot change the start date) 
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Ms-Outlook Integration

CRM4SURE is completely integrated with outlook in terms on Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Emails etc. you can enable a complete sync of your contact, tasks etc. from CRM4SURE to outlook and vice-versa. The integration can be on batch-synch or real-time synch. This means that as soon as you create an appointment, a calendar entry is created in outlook OR as soon as a new lead is created, it is added as a contact in outlook. 


Fluid Master-Hierarchy

This modules allows you to manage the master data across ALL possible entities  and departments (Customer, Employees, Locations, Products, Channels, Collectibles, Servicer Requests…).This can be your central master data reference. You can create unlimited number of entities, with more than 30+ pre-defined formats, configure additional fields for masters along with the validations, Set-up parallel & cross & Matrix hierarchies with unlimited levels and unlimited number of classification/tags/types you can assign to an entity master

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Virtual Learning Management

While Knowledge management platform provides a comprehensive, context-sensitive Knowledge, LMS platform ensures that Employee is going through systematic as well as need-based learning. You can create a wide range of learning modules with sequenced content followed by Quizzes. You can have embedded, end of the module OR stand along quizzes. You can save and restart a learning module, re-learn a module, see you LMS scorecard. The best part if that your LMS scores can be viewed vis-à-vis your performance trends to measure the effectiveness of your learning. 
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Apart from MS Outlook Integration, CRM4SURE provides a complete equivalent module, which has integrated mail, contact management, Calendar and task management functions. Using this CRM4SURE OFFICE management platform, you can extract more virtual capability for execution management.


Daily Activity Record

This module enables an organization to set-up ANY kind of activities, which is needed to be tracked and managed. You can set-up Daily Sales Report, Daily Collections Report, Daily Service Report, Dealer Visit Report, Daily Logistics Report, Daily Interview report, Daily CRM report, Daily Dealer Visit report and so on.  You can track and monitor activities, check their outcomes, the follow-ups and their consistency.


Real-Time Geo-location Tracking

This CRM4SURE module goes far beyond typical geo-location tracking. Our back-ground running program, does the location tracking of the movement of our field staff. It does automatically matches the location with customers-entities as per the trip plan. As employee moves out of a particular location, it can also prompt the employee to enter ‘what happened?’ details of the customer met (say). It can provide all sorts of notification and alerts, to enable a supervisor. 
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Incisive Analytics & Reporting

CRM4SURE is fully integrated with MS analysis and reporting services. CRM4SURE has its own proprietary Business Intelligence & Reporting tools. You can create pre-defined reports or Ad-hoc reports as per your requirements. Moreover you can also select predefined reports to be sent to the users at any appropriate. CRM4SURE BI and Reporting Layer provide a break-through BI navigation panel, where you can drill-down, drill-across and drill-diagonal across any entity, level and report. 
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Focused Daily Work Management

This is another break-through module developed by Execution-MiH. Most of the field/front-end employee/manager needs to follow a daily/weekly/monthly discipline. A tight and disciplined DWM can results in smooth and effective machinery, with less managerial overload. DWM module enables you to centrally set-up the Daily work Management requirements (For example to meet 3 customers daily and visit 5 channels every week) for every role. The user of that role can see and download his/her DWM. Based on data from multiple integrated sources, CRM4SURE can intelligently track the adherence to the Daily Work Management of an employee. 
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Intelligent Work-Flow

Work-Flow capability enables you to set-up unlimited work-flows, and to link them to any master or transaction. This allows you to effectively manage the flow of leads, customer registrations, service requests, outlets set-up, channel development, training, orders and many other transactions to flow through multiple stages. CRM4SURE allows unlimited number of work-flow levels, work-stages and auto movement to next stage based on a condition. There is no process flow which you cannot set-up in CRM4SURE.

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Sharp Planning-Target Setting

CRM4SURE gives you one of the most powerful planning capability, where you can set-up targets & standards for any entity (employee, channel, location, product…) for input (say- No of customers met), intermediate (say-no of leads generated) and output (Say- No of leads Converted). Planning module allows you to set-up periods of planning ranging from Daily to a year. 

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Single-Window View of Truth

CRM4SURE provides you all your important information at your home page like your today’s follow ups, tomorrows follow up, reports, daily work management activities etc. which is also fully configurable. A user can configure what he wants to see at his home screen. System also gives you a complete end to end view of any entity in the company. 
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Real-Time Notifications-Alerts

CRM4SURE makes your life easy through alerts and notifications for any event for customers, vendors, employees, channels and any other entity.  For example, you can notify your customers on the status of their service request, the processing of their applications, and welcome message post registration. You can notify a sales manager on the ageing leads, exception to daily work management of his team, the geo-location movement of his staff and end of the day performance dashboards

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Trip-Tour Planning

Using CRM4SURE, an employee or a supervisor can plan out the monthly (or periodic) coverage strategy for any entity (say) Customers, Collectibles, Channels, locations etc…based on various parameters (criticality, days not contacted, product affinity, days past due…). Post the monthly coverage strategy, one can work-out daily tour plan for an employee with additional parameters (like pending follow-ups, stocks needing replenishment…). One can also mark the sequence of trip plan. 
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Assignments & Mapping

You can achieve speed, robustness and flexibility in assigning your customers, leads, channels, service locations, products, collectibles and many other entities to your employees, third party vendors, branches and any entity in your system. CRM4SURE has default many-to-many mappings to provide maximum flexibility in running your business. You can do one-by-one assignments, block-assignments, multi-select assignments. . You can have one-to-one, many–to-one, many-to-many and one-to-many mapping along with the very flexible business conditions

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Seamless Third Party Access

CRM4SURE also enables you to provide access to the platform to your vendors, distributors, channel partners etc. it can help you bring your whole environment on one platform and create transparency in operations, sales, services etc. to help senior members get a real time view of what’s happening at the ground level. 

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Integrated Knowledge Management

CRM4SURE has fully integrated world class Knowledge-Management platform. It is based on break-through technology which senses your needs and provides the right amount of Knowledge at the right place and at the right time. It makes the employee learning high content sensitive, and when he needs it the most. It can significantly increase employee effectiveness, with far less cost and effort of training. Knowledge management platform has world-class features like Encyclopedia (Sections-Chapters-Topics), Knowledge Channels (Tips, FAQs, Templates, Videos…), Personalization (Home Page, Content Priority, User-Based Assignment, Feedback on Content), Search & Navigation (2-Click Drill-Down, Tag Based, Key-Word Based, Latest Additions, Most Popular) and whole lot more 
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Full Enterprise Mobility

CRM4SURE provides fully mobility capability for the users. Not only we provide the most needed daily activity report capture capability, a user can access almost all functions & features right on his mobile (Notifications & alerts, Knowledge Management, Learning Management, Home-Page, Geo-Location Track, Daily Work Management and so on). The mobility solution works on all major operating systems and can be provided both in online and offline (with synch) versions. 
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